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Parent Guild Information


We hope you will enjoy GETTING INVOLVED in the All Saints' Parent Guild.

The Parent Guild is a separate auxiliary organization for All Saints' Episcopal Day School. Every parent is a member of the Parent Guild by virtue of being an All Saints' family. There are many activities and special events sponsored or staffed by the Parent Guild throughout the year.


PARENT GUILD 2016/2017 Meetings

All meetings will begin at 8:05 and will be held in the Conference Room.

November 14

January 9

March 13

May 1

Here are some highlights:

  • The Parent Guild is the volunteer parent organization for All Saints'.
  • Volunteers provide support and enrichment for many campus activities and programs. We assist the school in four key ways.
  • School and Staff Support
  • Academic Enrichment
  • Student Activities
  • Fundraising


The following are examples of our work.

  • School and Staff Support: Teacher/staff appreciation events and all hospitality; technology support; playground equipment; funds to provide our new cafeteria
  • Academic Enrichment: Accelerated Reader; assist with Library and Book Fair; Science Fair; Young Ambassadors; and special cultural programs and opportunities for the student
  • Student Activities: Fun Day; Metric Olympics; Community Service Projects
  • Fundraising: This year we will have three Parent Guild Fundraisers in which children can participate.
  • Start of school: Sally Foster, our most comprehensive fundraiser
  • Plant sale in both late fall for holiday plants and in the early spring for spring planting


Additionally, we will offer a school supply purchase service at the end of the school year.

We participate in ongoing Community Partnerships (Box Tops, VIC, etc.) that produce income for us.

Finally, the Parent Guild runs the School Store where you can purchase All Saints' logo wear, sports apparel, car magnets, etc.


Parent Guild 2016 - 2017
Executive Board  
President: Erin Johnson
Vice-President: Sara Warren
Secretary: Jennifer McKay
Treasurer: Meagan Kuhlman
Academic Enrichment: Meredith Banner
Accelerated Reader: Amy Urquhart and Suzanne Cole
Library: Cassie Hanna
International Day: Mr. Bryan Kaye
Science Fair: Tara Jeffords
Reading Enrichment Week: Meredith Banner
 School Supplies: Kelly Lookadoo
 Box Tops for Education: TBA
 Genevieve's Wrapping Fundraiser: Elizabeth Blanton
 School Store: TBA
 Plant Fundraiser: TBA
 Christmas Store: Sara Warren and Sydney Kirven
 School and Staff Support 
 Classroom Coordinators: Sally Grantham
 Grandparents/Special Friends: Sally Warren and Tiffany Saunders
 Hospitality: Anne Hanna and Brandis Swink
 New Child Welcome: Tava Cunningham
 Teacher/Staff Appreciation: Cynthia Morgan and Jennifer Peebles
Student Activities 
Metric Olympics: Amy Lynch, Sally Warren, and Tiffany Saunders


Click here to download the Parent Guild payment/reimbursement request form.

Click here to download the Parent Guild deposit form.