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3rd Quarter: Music

This quarter has already started off in “presto” motion! We began by singing songs of our faith that were influenced by the black spirituals. All grades discussed Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and his contributions to the civil rights movement. Music is a BIG part of black history!

All grades will be busy preparing special songs for Grandparents and Special Friends Day. Each grade level will present a special song to honor these special people in their lives on Friday, February 13. Many of the songs share the theme of “Love” and the celebration of Valentines’ Day!

Out 3rd and 4th grades are continuing a study of the instruments of the orchestra. This study will culminate with a field trip on February 24 to see the Florence Symphony Orchestra Youth Concert at the PAC.

5th and 6th grades have been discussing the characteristics of Broadway Musicals. The students have enjoyed seeing scenes from “Shrek the Musical”. The students will learn several songs and dramatic scenes from popular musicals.

The Crusaders’ Choir is busy preparing for the SCISA Music Festival to be held March 12 in Columbia. A small ensemble and 10 individual students will also be performing. The groups and individuals are judged by professional choral music educators on the quality of their performances. These students will represent All Saints’ in a way that brings pride to our school!!


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