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PE 4th Quarter

4K and 5K

  • Practicing skills related to track and field
  • Practicing for the Metric Olympics games to be held on May 5

Students are practicing and learning to run the dash, do relays with the baton, throw the ball for distance, and do hurdles appropriate to their size. They are learning the difference between a dash and a relay and how they can work together in groups of four or five for relay teams.

  • Learning and practicing hula hoop and rope-jumping skills
  • Learning team-building skills through cooperative play

1st – 3rd Grades

  • Learning track and field skills to compete in Metric Olympics on May 5

Students are practicing the twenty meter dash, twenty meter hurdles, standing broad jump, shot put, and relay teams.

  • Learning the proper way to run, jump, and jog

4th – 6th Grades

  • Practicing for Metric Olympics to be held on May 5

Students are learning track and field skills – dash, hurdles, shot put, standing broad jump, and four-man relay teams. The relay teams practice together for several weeks before the Olympics; handoff and exchange skills are taught. The importance of working together as a team brings lots of rewards.


Come Join Us – Metric Olympics on May 5

Ribbons are awarded for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place. A green participation ribbon is awarded to all students who participate in the gams and show excellent sportsmanship.

Come out on May 5 for lots of fun and to help Mrs. Copeland with the games.

Claire Copeland, Athletic Director/PE Teacher





Claire Copeland - PE Teacher, Athletic Director


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