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Our main focus for this quarter will be fiber arts. Students 4k through 6th grade will produce one type of fiber art.

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4K –painting mittens, valentine art

5K – Jim Dine Heart collages

1st grade - paper weavings

2nd grade – Oyo’s de Dios, bookmark weavings                    

3rd grade – soda straw weavings

4th grade – coil fiber pots

5th grade – tapestry weavings

6th grade - stitcheries

We will also be working on our “square one art.” This is where the students will make a piece of art, and I will send it to the company to be put on stickers. Parents can order many different products with their child’s art on them which makes for fun keepsakes. This fundraiser gives the art department a big boost in our budget, and students get to have their art put on fun products.

We will also be working on beautiful winter scenes to decorate the halls. Soon we will start discussing the work of Jim Dine, and our artistic endeavors will be inspired by his work.

I would like to let all the students know who gave me so many wonderful presents over the holidays a BIG THANK YOU!

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