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PE 4th Quarter

1st - 6th grades just finished the Jump Rope contest. We had great jumpers in all age groups!

3K - 5K will begin getting in shape for Metric Olympics coming up on May 4.

1st – 3rd grades are learning how to run a dash and how to get a good start, look straight ahead and not look back.  All are learning differences between a dash and a relay.  They are also learning relays with baton hand-offs.  This age group will practice all of the events for Metric Olympics.  Capture the Flag is played in 1st - 3rd at the end of each class.

4th - 6th grade students are being timed on 50 yard dash and placed on teams within their grade. Their relays will be run as the last event of the Olympics and everyone loves practicing with their team each week at the beginning of class, after a 5 min warm-up and stretch. 4th – 6th grade students will practice all events for the Olympics from the dash, hurdles, mystery race, broad jump, shot put, and baton relay.  All classes play Capture the Flag the last 15 min of class.

After Metric Olympics, 1st – 3rd grade students will learn lead up games to kickball, and 4th – 6th grade students will resume volleyball, lead- up games like Newcomb and other volleyball skills.  Volleyball has become a great sport in 7th -9th grades, especially for girls, and our 4th, 5th and 6th grade students are very prepared to play on the middle school level when they leave All Saints’.

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